Commercial Property has proven to be a very varied seat, the climax of which saw me attend an appeal hearing on a planning matter at the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ)!

I had assisted the solicitor in charge of the case with the preparation for the hearing, which involved preparing the bundles, liaising with the solicitor representing the council and making phone calls to the Court. It was exciting therefore to be given the chance to see the culmination of our hard work first hand.

The day started quite early - 7.30am on the New Street to Euston train - during which I had the opportunity to speak with one of the witnesses and a representative of the client. When we arrived at the RCJ we found out that we would be sitting before a well respected planning Judge, quite a privilege! After enjoying a coffee in the café, (which included a lesson from the witness about my next holiday destination, Kenya), it was time to head up to the court room and for the hearing to begin.

The barrister representing our client kicked things off, and it was interesting to see the interaction between the judge and the barrister, and how the bundles are used in practice. After a short interlude where we had to change court rooms due to the noise of some building works, it was soon time for the defendant to deliver his arguments. Unfortunately, the Judge decided to delay giving judgment for a couple of days so we were unable to find out there and then if we had been successful.

Nevertheless, it was brilliant to have the opportunity to attend the hearing in such a historic setting. One thing you can be sure of at Higgs & Sons is that every effort will be made to give you as many opportunities like this as possible. Fingers crossed judgment will go in our favour!

Georgia Stott

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