As my training contract draws to a close, I have been reflecting on the memorable journey that I have endured for the last two years. I often find myself wondering how I have managed to cram so much into such a short period of time and feel naturally nervous, yet excited, to embark on the next stage of my career. Qualification or ‘the big Q’ as I like to call it, is now fast approaching for the second year trainees and we all are eagerly preparing ourselves for the changes that come following our admission to the roll.

You might have noticed that the title for this blog has been borrowed from a popular Marvel film and although I am not sure comparing Spiderman to a trainee is the most accurate comparison that could be made, there are certainly some similarities in our day job - that I am sure. One of those similarities being that there are always plenty of new challenges available. The great thing about training at Higgs is that there is always something new just around the corner and trainees are encouraged to seize these opportunities from day one. Excellent quality work is always available and no two days are ever the same. At Higgs we are given real responsibility from early on and I am now in the position that I am running my own client meetings and taking the lead on matters, with the full support of my team behind me for those times when I do not know all of the answers. The great thing that I have learned about the law whilst training is that it is simply impossible to know everything and that it is not always a bad thing to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. The true art of being a good lawyer is not about being able to reel off case law or statute from memory, but to know how to most effectively use and apply your carefully honed skills to find the answer. It is all about collaboration with other fee earners, innovation in not being afraid to suggest new ideas, having honest and in-depth discussions with your clients in order to better understand their needs and applying a sense of practicality and reason in helping them to reach the final destination.

With my admission date fast approaching, I am busy preparing for my newfound level of responsibility, having billing targets to consider and the realisation that I will soon have live files of my very own to manage. I look forward to this new chapter and eagerly anticipate the arrival of my first ever PD list on my desk after the years of study and hard work involved in getting here. If I have any advice to offer to trainees who are about to begin their training programme it would be to encourage you to enjoy every single minute, always embrace challenge, get as involved as you can and never be afraid to ask for guidance. The most valuable piece of advice that I have ever been given during my training is that there is no such thing as a stupid question, the only stupid questions are the ones that do not get asked!

Blog post written by Carly Davies

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