Recent guilty verdict highlights the importance of appointing professionals

19th August 2013

The recent case of Andrew and Lesley Reeve is a salutary lesson in arranging your affairs so that, if you are not in a position to deal with it yourself, there is a trusted friend or relative in place to do it for you.

This can be achieved by the signing of a Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), in which one or more individuals, called "attorneys", can be appointed to deal with your affairs. The Power can be used if you lose mental capability or even if you retain capability but require your affairs to be looked after, for example because you suffer from some kind of physical disability.

The attorneys can be required to account to the Office of the Public Guardian for their actions, should any third party have cause to believe that thy are not acting in the best interests of the person who gave the LPA.

The mere fact that a LPA is in existence does not necessarily mean that there will be no financial abuse of the kind seen in the Reeve case. For people who feel they have a need for extra security, consideration can be given to appointing a professional attorney, such as a solicitor.

The Private Client team at Higgs & Sons has vast experience of both setting up and executing LPA's as and when they are required and have seen first hand the importance that these documents can make to the lives of people who find themselves requiring the assistance of others to manage their finances and estates, when they are unable to do so. The Reeve case is a shocking case of deceitful behaviour of supposedly trusted individuals that sends a clear message to people to ensure that their best interests are handled by professional and reputable individuals and businesses.

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