Higgs supports national family dispute resolution week

25th November 2013

West Midlands' leading law firm Higgs & Sons is throwing its weight behind a special week-long event to help families resolve disputes without going to court. Higgs & Sons is playing a leading part in supporting National Family Dispute Resolution Week, which runs from November 25 to 29.

The week aims to highlight the range of ways family disputes - such as divorce, separation and cases involving children - can be settled without the need for court action.

It has been organised by Resolution, a professional network of 6,500 lawyers and other professionals committed to a constructive and non-confrontational approach to  family disputes.

Kelly Perks, an Associate in Higgs & Sons' family department, said there were a number of alternatives to court action which could save families time, money and stress.

Kelly, a member of the Black Country Collaborative Group of Resolution, said: "Dispute resolution includes a range of settlement-seeking processes including mediation, negotiation, conciliation, collaborative law and arbitration.

"In collaborative law couples sit down together with the help of their own solicitors and other neutral professionals such as accountants, financial advisers and family therapists, to work out their issues. They agree in advance that they will not resort to court action but instead sit down in a series of meetings to resolve the case.

"Other processes can involve using specially-trained mediators, or independent arbitrators, to bring about a settlement without all the worry and stress that going to court can produce."

Kelly urged anyone facing a family dispute to contact a Resolution member to see how they could benefit from the various options available to them.

"At Higgs & Sons, we play an active role in Resolution and offer detailed, specialist advice on all the different ways of dealing with these issues without the need for court action for the benefit of all parties involved."

Higgs & Sons work from two offices in the Black Country - Waterfront Business Park in Brierley Hill and Kingswinford. The firm employs over 200 people, including 100 specialist lawyers.

To find out how Kelly and the family team can help you call 0845 111 5050 or email kelly.perks@higgsandsons.co.uk.


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