Comprehensive support the first step to help rebuild shattered lives

30th August 2017

Comprehensive support the first step to help rebuild shattered lives

Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating to individuals and families under any circumstances, but if it transpired that the diagnosis and subsequent treatment were based on the actions of a medical professional with whom you had placed your trust, then the outcomes can be even more catastrophic.

The recent case of surgeon, Ian Paterson who is beginning a 20-year prison sentence for misleading hundreds and women (and some men), highlights that those facing such a situation require a dedicated package of specialist support from a range of professionals, to help them come to terms with such life changing situations.

Kate Campbell-Gunn, a solicitor in Higgs & Sons’ Clinical negligence team believes it is hard to comprehend what the victims of Mr Paterson may be going through, but feels specialist advice can start to offer victims a sense of control over their shattered lives.

“Who can really know what motivated Mr Patterson in his actions?  Clearly such individuals are thankfully rare but at a time when the NHS is concerned at the increasing cost of claims against them one has to consider how much worse the situation would be if such doctors were allowed to go unchallenged. 

“If your life has been turned upside down as a result of negligent practice on the part of your treating consultants, a thorough investigation should be carried out to highlight any problems in the system which need to be addressed.  From this basis we would then expect to build a package of support, working with other professionals in order to ensure a better outcome for victims so that lives can be put back on track.

“This is something that we strive to do at Higgs & Sons and we work closely with individuals and their families to ensure this is the outcome we achieve.

"All clinical negligence lawyers operate under a ‘No win- No fee' regime and so the only time that costs are paid out is where the case is well founded and won.  However, in situations such as those faced by the patients of Mr Paterson, it is clear that there is an extremely strong case to answer. From that point we could then help individuals build a strong and sustainable rehabilitation package.”

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