Doors open on mesh claims

2nd November 2017

The case of a woman who has won the right to make a High Court claim over injuries she says she suffered from a vaginal mesh implant is set to open the door on other claims.

Barbara Wise underwent surgery to treat her urinary stress incontinence at Beneden Hospital in Kent in 2007, but later developed serious problems after the mesh eroded. She suffered heavy bleeding and pain and, after undergoing further surgery in an attempt to correct the problem, had a hysterectomy in 2013.

The issue of trans-vaginal mesh surgery hit the headlines earlier this year when it was revealed hundreds of women were bringing legal action against the NHS and the makers of the products after suffering complications.

Kate Campbell-Gunn, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at West Midlands law firm Higgs & Sons, said: “There are indications that complication rates could be significantly higher than those typically reported in trials – in the UK, NHS data suggests that one in 15 women later has to have their implant surgically removed.

“As the mesh became more widely used, women came forward suffering complications and class actions have been brought against manufacturers around the world. In 2012 the United States Food and Drug Administration reclassified transvaginal mesh as a high-risk device.

“In a small number of cases the complications have been very serious and include mesh exposure and erosion (when the mesh pokes through the vaginal wall or cuts through internal tissue) vaginal scarring, fistula formation, painful intercourse, and pelvic, back and leg pains. Some of these complications may occur years after surgery and can be difficult to treat.”

Kate went on to say that the most commonly used meshes were made by Johnson and Johnson and currently there are class actions taking place in Australia, the UK and the USA against the manufacturer for making faulty meshes causing extreme pain and suffering.

The mesh implants are designed to be permanent after becoming embedded in the surrounding tissue to provide better pelvic support. For those patients suffering more permanent complications, full removal of the mesh can require hours of surgery.

And she added: “Our specialist medical negligence team at Higgs & Sons can assist with bringing a claim for pain caused as a result of vaginal mesh implants. We will obtain your medical records and seek an expert opinion as to whether the mesh was from a faulty batch or was inserted incorrectly and if that medical view is supportive, then a formal letter can be sent to the Defendant.

“All clinical negligence lawyers operate under a ‘No win - No fee' regime and so the only time that costs are paid out is where the case is well founded and won. Compensation can help rebuild the lives of women affected by faulty vaginal mesh in what can be extremely debilitating injuries.”

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