On the horizon - The “Gig Economy Bill”

19th December 2017

Following on from the Uber story above, employers should also be aware of the proposed “Gig Economy Bill” (the Bill) which is currently in the very early stages of debate. The Bill introduces a concept of “worker by default” and comes in the wake of the detailed Taylor Review.

In summary, individuals engaged within the gig economy will be deemed to be workers by default. The purpose of the Bill and the new worker by default concept is to avoid the exploitation of workers working within the gig economy.

Arguably this concept is certainly going to attract debate. The danger is that the worker by default concept could wrongly provide truly self-employed individuals (such as in Deliveroo above) with worker status and the accompanying rights. In addition, many individuals look for flexibility in their working arrangements and therefore there is a balance to be struck between unfair exploitation and genuine commercial requirements/needs.

We will continue to monitor the development of the Bill with keen interest and report back on its latest developments.


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