A person's home is still their castle

6th March 2018

The phrase ‘a man’s home is his castle’ is as true today as it ever was – particularly for a Bristol pensioner who made headlines last week.

Dolly Burton, 97, has refused to give up two yards of her front garden needed for a new 49-home development despite council offering her a 'five-figure sum'.

Dolly was approached by Bristol City Council and building developers who want to buy two-yards of land outside her home to make the road wider before work can begin.

Nyree Applegarth, Partner in the Dispute Resolution and Litigation team at Higgs & Sons, said: “The old adage that a home is your castle, remains as strong today in UK law as it always has been.

“This is a case of classic Nimbyism but with a twist – Mrs Burton is determined to stick to her principles of ‘not in my front yard’ and is refusing to allow any development.

“Residential tenancy rights are paramount in this case, and Mrs Burton was quite rightly advised by the council that she was 'completely within her rights to refuse' the offer. She is a council tenant, it is council-owned land and the rules are such that the council can't take away part of somebody's tenancy without their agreement.”

Higgs & Sons’ Dispute Resolution and Litigation department provides expert advice and assistance with a view to resolving disputes in the most timely, proportionate and cost effective manner. Experienced specialists work alongside clients to provide clear solutions to problems.

Read about Dolly’s case here:


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