Ambridge on alert as Brexodus threatens Archers harvest!

11th May 2018

Ambridge on alert as Brexodus threatens Archers harvest!

A recent episode of The Archers saw Adam worrying that he may be forced to abandon one of the fruit tunnels on the farm and leave it to rot. As the strawberries begin to ripen, Adam is struggling to line up willing fruit pickers because the EU workers that he usually relies on don’t feel so welcome in the UK anymore and the locals don’t want to pick fruit.

But is this a true reflection of the issues facing UK employers, or it is simply another case of fictional drama overriding the facts?

Amy Brokenshire an Employment Law and Business Immigration specialist at Higgs believes the Archers situation does highlight some real issues for employers: “Although this is a storyline in a drama, ‘Brexodus’ is likely to present a real challenge for those UK businesses that rely on EU workers.

"The Office for National Statistics reported earlier in the year that more EU citizens are leaving the UK and net migration of EU citizens to the UK is at a five year low so businesses would do well to look at what they can do to prepare themselves should Brexodus continue to impact in this way.”

As part of a specialist team at Higgs & Sons, Amy and her colleagues can assist employers facing similar challenges to those taking place in Ambridge (and the rest of the UK!).


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