Good mental health makes good business sense

14th June 2018

The mental health of employees is currently a key focus amongst employers and a current topic of keen debate. The Stevenson Farmer review of mental health in the workplace which was published in November 2017, suggested a number of dramatic findings and also set out methods and principles that could be implemented to address mental health. 

A recent survey conducted by Business in the Community (BITC) stated that millennials (those aged between 18 and 38) feel under the most pressure at work and comment that they often work through stress. Importantly, only 14% of those surveyed felt comfortable speaking to their line manager about their stress levels. BITC are currently undertaking a further survey entitled Mental Health at Work Survey 2018

Mental health can have a number of impacts on employees which in turn can have an effect on business. For example, stress leading to anxiety causing a decline in the productivity of an employee impacting on the success of the business. On that basis and from a commercial perspective, it is quite clearly in the interest of employers to ensure that the workforce is mentally healthy and is being supported in the case of any issues surrounding mental health.

Employers should ensure that there are clear support structures in place as regards the mental health of employees and Higgs is happy to offer advice in this regard.


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