Partnership dispute is too close to 'Home' for Archers family

17th July 2018

Partnership dispute is too close to 'Home' for Archers family

The Archers continues to throw up enticing legal conundrums for the characters who inhabit the (never) peaceful hamlet of Ambridge.

Here Higgs & Sons’ Litigation expert, Matt Dudley explores the latest problem causing consternation in the Archers which involves Jenny and Brian Aldridge who are offering to sell the family home to pay a significant land contamination bill which will in turn bring an end to a long running family partnership dispute that has been hanging over the family.

“On the surface it appears that the family squabbles can now be laid to rest. However, as is often the case with partnership disputes, when emotions collide with commercial sense, resolutions are rarely straightforward.

In the case of the Aldridges and Home Farm, it does appear that all the partners signed a well thought out partnership agreement. But, just as we are seeing here, very often it is only when a serious issue arises, or a partner wants to leave, that the efficacy of the partnership agreement is truly tested.

It appears poor old Brian has really underestimated his daughter Kate and her attachment to her business on the partnerships’ land, and the lengths that Kate was prepared to go to in order to preserve her business. As a result he now faces the dreadful prospect of having to sell the family home that he and Jenny have nurtured for over three decades.

When it comes to the legalities, it is imperative that anyone entering into a partnership agreement takes independent advice about what it covers and what rights each partner has - particularly in times of disagreement. Anyone entering into a partnership must understand precisely what the partnership agreement dictates can happen in times of crisis.

As Brian and Jenny have recently discovered, even with the benefit of a seemingly well drafted partnership agreement, trying to manage their own children has been like herding some very ill behaved sheep.”


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