Never more important for charities to put house in order

9th August 2018

There are more than 185,000 registered charities in England and Wales, with that figure growing by 5,000 every year.

A recent article in the Civil Society asked the question ‘are there too many charities’, with opinion varying from ‘more charities means more choice’ to ‘we need fewer, better run, braver organisations’.

However as there is no sign of the sector declining any time soon, it is imperative that each charity looks to its own terms and constitutions to ensure best practice in an overcrowded market place.

Issues such as statutory duties, personal liability and structure remain really important in the running of any charity, large or small and charities need to be mindful of the challenges and risks of charity trusteeship and how these can be mitigated, managed or avoided.

Civil Society also recently reported that the Charity Commission is being asked by charity leaders to introduce a mandatory requirement for diversity on boards and senior leadership teams, another key area for charities to consider in terms of facilitating improvements in a board’s performance to ensure it fulfils its mission statement.


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