New standards for midwifery approved

4th November 2019

New standards for midwifery approved

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has approved innovative ‘Future Midwife Standards’ which are intended to transform the future of midwifery care across the UK.


The new standards are specifically targeted at newly qualified and student midwives and are intended to equip the next generation of midwives with the knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver the best and safest care possible for women, babies and families of the future. 

The standards will be in place for the next 10 years and are designed to equip midwives with the knowledge and flexibility required to meet the future challenges of a rapidly changing health and care system.


The new proposals will ensure midwives have the right knowledge and skills to identify the individual mental health needs of women as early as possible, and to work in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams to provide evidence-based, compassionate and appropriate person-centred care. 

There is an increased focus on midwives providing continuity of care, whether working in the community, a midwifery-led unit or hospital. Midwives will be a constant presence to ensure the needs, preferences, and decisions of women and babies are understood and met. Midwives will continue to provide this continuity when complications arise, working alongside other professionals.


While it is hoped that the new standards, which begin in September 2020, will ensure midwives can provide safe, effective, respectful and compassionate care for all women and babies, mistakes do happen. Around 6-8 babies per 1000 are still affected by birth injuries; that’s a total of 28,000 injuries every year on a national basis which could have been mitigated or prevented. 

If your child has suffered a birth injury which you believe could have been avoided or you have suffered as a result of sub-standard care during your pregnancy or birth, contact Higgs & Sons specialist clinical negligence team to find out how they can help you obtain compensation. Making a claim for compensation can provide for suffering, loss of earnings and the cost of rehabilitation or on-going care.


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