Higgs & Sons - Conversion to Higgs LLP

11th June 2021

We are pleased to inform you that the general partnership of Higgs & Sons (“the Partnership”) intends to convert to an LLP on 1 July 2021.

This conversion will provide us with a robust but flexible business structure for the delivery of our future plans. It will also be a strong platform from which we may continue to attract, engage and develop talented people.

An LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) structure is the preferred corporate structure for many professional service firms and a significant number of UK law firms have converted to LLP over the last decade or so.

The following information about the proposed conversion (which takes the form of a number of Client FAQs and Supplier FAQs), explains how the process works and its impact on both our clients and suppliers. If you have additional questions about the proposed change, please click here to contact us.

Legal Effect

From 1 July 2021, (or such later date as the Partnership may agree) Higgs LLP (a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with number OC435996) (“the LLP”), will take on all the obligations and liabilities of the Partnership. All of our people will continue to work as usual to progress the matters on which the Partnership was instructed on your behalf. The LLP will assume responsibility for these matters going forward. We will do this on the basis that all our future obligations to you are the responsibility of the LLP which will replace the Partnership as the provider of advice and services to our valued clients.

Next Steps

Please read the FAQs. Please get in touch if you have a question or wish to discuss how the conversion may affect your particular circumstances.


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