Brain Injury

Effects of Brain Injury

It is crucial that your chosen solicitor understands the complexities of brain injury and what treatment may be required. Damage to the brain can cause a number of impairments to mental ability in addition to behavioral symptoms such as:

  • Memory problems - unable to store and retrieve information or create new memories.
  • Information processing - less able to process large amounts of information in short time periods. This may lead to slower speech or responses to questions, needing to repeat instructions a number of times and general frustration due to information overload.
  • Attention span and poor concentration - damage to the part of the brain that controls attention and concentration will often harm the ability to multi-task.
  • Perceptual difficulties – this is where the brain is not interpreting the information from our senses correctly. A very wide range of problems that can result from perceptual difficulties, such as difficulty with co-ordination, judging distances correctly and spatial awareness.
  • Physical Symptoms – these include movement or balance disorders, epilepsy, fatigue, headaches, chronic pain, a loss of sensation, spasticity and incontinence.
  • Behavioral Symptoms – damage to the frontal lobe can often affect personality and if damaged a person may have reduced self-control resulting in outbursts, mood swings, aggression and inappropriate behavior or conversation. These types of symptoms can have a particularly large impact on a loved one.
  • Lack of disinhibition - the ability to evaluate and adjust our personal behavior to the circumstances around us is a complex skill. Largely controlled by our frontal lobes, if they are damaged it can affect self-awareness, insight into the consequences of one's actions, and ability to show empathy or sensitivity. People may also be unable to distinguish when they are being impolite or breaching appropriate social etiquette.
  • Apathy - damage to the frontal lobe can also cause a lack of motivation or spontaneity. This is because the person has reduced levels of emotion and forward planning, which makes activities appear extremely overwhelming.
  • Sexual problems - after a head injury, a person’s sex drive can either increase or decrease.





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