Effects of Fractures

Most fractures or breaks actually fully heal in time. However, in some cases (depending on the nature of the fracture and in particular if the fracture extends into the joint) it can lead to a future risk of arthritis.  Working with the best experts in the field of orthopaedic medicine, we are well placed to identify the future risks and ensure your compensation award reflects those risks.

In some cases (particularly) with lower limb fractures there can be an impact on walking (gait).   If the gait is impaired, there can be an indirect impact on other body components, for example the knees, back and hips.

Working with some of the best podiatrists in the field we are able to determine the impact of a break or fracture on walking ability particularly if one lower limb is shorter as a result of a break. In some cases we can source bespoke footwear to assist in correcting the gait to minimise the risks of future complications and claim the future costs as part of your claim.

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