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As a litigation lawyer the ability to understand the legal arguments is a given. Understanding your client, your opponent and developing a strategy to achieve the client’s desired outcome can be more challenging. This is where the ability to draw upon my experience is hugely beneficial.

I have specialised in commercial dispute resolution and litigation for over 25 years and have gained extensive experience of pre-litigation investigation of claims, obtaining and defending injunctive relief applications, issuing proceedings, and taking claims through to trial.  My commercial practice includes intellectual property, shareholder, partnership, share purchase, commercial agency, sale of goods (including product liability) and supply of services disputes.

 Most cases can be resolved by negotiation or through mediation, but not all can be resolved by mutual agreement and the courts are there to resolve disputes where the parties involved cannot. For many, going to court is a ‘one off’ and can be incredibly difficult, my aim is to guide my client through the process, take as much of the strain as possible and give them the benefit of my experience. 

Unfortunately dispute resolution can be an expensive process and it is important to have upfront conversations about costs and budgeting. There are a number of solutions available to clients, from traditional ‘pay as you go’ insurance funded cases, conditional fee agreements, to third party funding.  The key thing is finding the right solution for each client. 

I’m immensely proud of the team I lead, and working together with clients we are able to find the best, most effective solutions to their problems and if you would like to talk through a dispute or an issue that may coming down the tracks for you, I would be happy to help.

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